Top 3 Things to do in Singapore

Here are my top 3 things to do in Singapore:

1. Stay at Marina Bay Sands

Image Credit: Your Singapore

The iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel is an attraction itself in Singapore. Yes, staying at this luxury 5 star hotel is not cheap but it can be a great experience that you do once in a lifetime. I recommend staying at least one night in this hotel so that you can enjoy the access to the highest and largest infinity pool in the world. The view from the infinity pool on the roof is just breathtaking.

2. Gardens by the Bay

Image Credit: Marina Bay Sands

No words can actually do justice to this spectacular place. One of the thing I loved about Singapore is how much respect the city has for nature despite its small size. Gardens by the bay is one such attraction where Singapore has tried to blend beauty, environment and nature. The Super Trees are just amazing and I recommend you stay for the light show that is held everyday at 8:45 pm.

3. Universal Studios Singapore

Image Credit:

Singapore is one of the few countries where you can find the Universal Studios Theme Park around the world. If you have been to the Universal Studios Hollywood, I found this one in Singapore is a slightly smaller version of it. However, I really enjoyed it as the waiting time for each rides were much less compared to any other Universal Studios I have been to. The longest wait time I had here was 20 minutes at the most. It would be a great day out for all families and people of all ages!

Ticket: $74 for Adult (ages 13 to 59), $56 for Child (ages 4 to 12), $36 for Senior (Ages 60 and above)
Hours: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tips: You can purchase your ticket cheaper at a travel agencies in Singapore.


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